Instability, Turbulence & Pattern Formation Group

Department of Aeronautics, Imperial College London 


The minimum requirement for studnets from the UK is to have first class honour from a reputatble institution.

1. Departmental PhD studentship - typically appear around March;

2. IC President's Scholarship - 1st round Deadline: November;

If you wish to apply  a PhD studentship, please contact us at a month before deadlines. For IC Presidential Scholarship, 1st round application is recommended. 

UK/EU students

Only highly qulified students from top instituations of each country will be considered.  The following schemes are  available:

1. IC  Presidential Scholarship     - 1st round Deadline: November;

2. IC  CSC Scholarship - Chinese students only;

3. International Collaboration Schemes - Eligibility depends on nationality.

Application deadlines typically start from November of a year before . If you are  an oversea student  who wishes to do a PhD with me, please contact us no later than November. Note that due to the lack of fundings  for oversea students in the UK, only students, who wish to  apply for these fundings or can be self-funded, will be considered,




We  welcome to any postdoc who wants to work on theoretical and computational fluid dynamics. Postdoctoral fundings  can be given by applying for a  postdoctoral fellowships. Please e-mail us at least six months before you want to start.  The  postdoctoral fellowships available are:

1. Newton international fellowship;

2. Marie Curie fellowship;

3. Royal commission of the exhibition of 1851 fellowship;

4. Royal academy of engineering fellowship.

Please consult each of the fellowships if you wish to apply.

Any nationalities

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